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Last year’s listing was a success with 380 seed packets being sent out to 24 buyers. Their gardens will soon be showing seedlings. This year we are indeed fortunate. A kind and generous American sent over 900 Chinese and Japanese tree peony seeds. He wrote: “I thought you folks could use a bit of variety in your offerings…”. From Finland, we have some new Chinese lactiflora varieties while from across Canada, we have some new and some more of the same. And Reiner Jakubowski has honoured us with prized pedigree seeds from his own breeding program.

Price is the same as last year $1.00 (see below) per packet, but the number of seeds varies according to how many seeds of each type were donated. As always, a number of donations were in very small quantities (as that’s all the plant produced, so rather than having only one packet of 5 or 10 seeds, I distribute these in smaller quantities to spread the seed in more directions. I do try to have a minimum of 5 seeds per packet for most items where reasonably possible. Thus sometimes there are only a few packets available; these items are marked with an asterisks*; and you may only order one of each of these. Listing alternatives is advisable as I will have to substitute in many cases due to the limited supply available. NON-MEMBERS MAY ORDER SEEDS FROM THIS LIST but where quantities are scarce members’ orders will have priority.



Send your list (please write both item number and name) of requested seeds to:

The Canadian Peony Society Seeds
c/o Bill Wegman
5441 Hilltop Dr.
Manotick, Ontario, Canada, K4M 1G6

As stated, please list a few alternatives as supply is limited. If you would like instructions on germinating peony seed, please ask and it will be sent with your seeds. You may certainly order more than one packet of any item except those shown with an asterisk*.


Enclose cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Peony Society. It is not advisable to send money through the mail. This year I will again accept postage stamps and Canadian Tire money on small orders. Remember to include your mailing address. BETTER STILL PLEASE ENCLOSE A MAILING LABEL. This will save me time and avoid error.


It remains $1.00 per packet plus $1.00 per order to a Canadian address and $2.00 per packet plus $2.00 per order to a foreign address. For example; order 4 packets, cost is 4+1=5 dollars to a Canadian address.

Phytosanitary certificates are not possible.




Nova Garside  North Saanich, BC


Bill Wegman  Manotick, ON

BHN  Blossom Hill Nursery  Peterborough, ON
BM Blain Marchand/Jamie Robertson  Osceola,ON
MSt Michel St.Pierre  LaMalbaie, QC
RJ Reiner Jakubowski  Waterloo, ON
GT Gerald Tanner  Halifax, NS.
ML Marilyn Light  Gatineau, QC
AJ Anne Johnston  Ottawa, ON
RP Rena Preston  Pickering, ON
MT Michael Turunen  Lapsama, Finland
GR Gregory Rockwell Granger  Indiana, USA
TH Tom Harris  Warkworth, ON
HP Holly Pender-Love  Trail, BC
CM Carter Moore  London, ON
MTh Mary Thorne  Brantford, ON


HERBACEOUS SPECIES (all are garden origin, open pollinated; packet contents as indicated)

1. *P.anomala [2seeds] CM single pink
2. P.officinalis [6seeds] BW,BM single magenta
3. P.officinalis ‘Mollis’ [6seeds] MSt,CM single pink
4. P.officinalis ‘Villosa’[6seeds] CM single red
5. P.humilis [8seeds] BHN single pink
6. P.caucasica [6seeds] BW,CM single red
7. *P.mlokosewitchii [4seeds] BW,CM,TH single yellow
8. P.mlokosewitchii [8seeds] BW GT single pink/white/other
9. P.peregrina [6seeds] BHN, BW,CM,BM single red
10 . P.tenuifolia [5seeds] BW single red
11. *P.tenuifolia (lithofila) [4seeds] GT single red
12. P.veitchii [5seeds] BW,MSt single pink
13. P.macrophila [6seeds] BW single white
14. *P.triternata [3seeds] MSt single rose
15. P.kavachensis [6seeds] CM single red
16.*P.lactiflora [3seeds] BW single white

TREE PEONIES Including SPECIES (All are garden origin, open pollinated; packets contents as indicated)

17. P.rockii [6seeds] BW semi-double white
18. P.rockii [6seeds] BW,ML, single white
19. P.rockii [5seeds] BW, single pink
20. P.ludlowii [6seeds] NG, single yellow
21. *P.handel-mazzettii [2seeds] GT single coppery orange
22. *P.delavayi [3seeds] GT single red
23. *Taiyo [3seeds] BW semi-double red
24. Shima-nishiki [8seeds] BW, MSt, GR semi-double red/white
25. *Hana Kisoi [5seeds] CM semi-double pink
26. Lan Jin Yu [8seeds] GR single lavender/purple flares
27. Cherry Blossoms [6seeds] GR semi-double pink
28. Jushi [6seeds] GR semi-double violet/purple flares
29. *Unknown Pink [2seeds] BW semi-double pink
30. Dojean [6seeds] GR semi-double white/red flares
31. Meikoho [4seeds] GR semi-double white/maroon flares
32. *Guardian of the Monastery [3seeds] GR, CM semi-double purple
33. Shintenchi [5seeds] GR double pink/red flares
34. Da Zong Zi [4seeds] GR double red/black flares
35. Shin Shichifukujin [4seeds] GR semi-double coral red
36. Shimane Chojuraku [4seeds] GR semi-double lavender/black flares
37. Shiunden [4seeds] GR double maroon
38. Xue Lian [4seeds] GR single white/purple flares
39. *Yae Zakura [3seeds] GR semi-double pink
40. *Hong Lian [3seeds] GR single pink/red flares
41. *Kamata Fuji [3seeds] GR double lavender
42. American hybrid seedling T8 [5seeds] BW, semi-double reddish purple
43. *Hua Hu Die [3seeds] GR semi-double pink/purple flares
44. *Rimpo [2seeds] MSt semi-double purple

HERBACEOUS  GARDEN  PEONIES  (Garden origin, open pollinated  and of lactiflora origin unless otherwise stated ,flower description is that of the pod parent)

45. Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow [6seeds] RP, BW, RJ single pale yellow, hybrid
46. Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow Seedling [6seeds] ML, BM single pale yellow, hybrid
47. *Largo [3seeds] MSt Japanese pink
48. *Glowing Candles [4seeds] BW Japanese pale pink
49. *Sonia Hélène [4seeds] BW cream single, hybrid
50. A la Mode [6seed] MSt, MTh single white
51. Moon of Nippon [5seeds] BHN, BM Japanese white
52. *Leto [3seeds] BHN Japanese white
53. *Zuzu [2seeds] BM semi-double pale pink
54. Lactiflora RGB special collection [6seeds] CM not stated
55. *Early Glow [1seed] CM single ivory, hybrid
56. Color Magnet [6seeds] BW single pink, hybrid
57. Dawn Glow [4seeds] BW single ivory, hybrid
58. No name officinalis dwarf [8seeds] CM single pink
59. Roselette’s Child [6seeds] BM, BHN single blush, hybrid
60. *Port Royale [4seeds] MSt, BHN Japanese red
61. *Pink Angel [3seeds] BW single light pink, hybrid
62. The Mackinac Grand [6seeds] BW, BHN semi-double red, hybrid
63. Prosperity Maud [6seeds] BHN, BM single apricot, hybrid
64. Prosperity Maud Seedling [6seeds] ML single apricot, hybrid
65. *John Simkins hybrid [2seeds] CM not stated, hybrid
66. *Tranquil Dove [6seeds] BW semi-double white, hybrid
67. Rare China [8seeds] MSt, TH, BM, BW, MTh semi-double white
68. Miss America [6seeds] TH, RP semi-double white
69. *John Simkins Seedling [2seeds] CM single cream yellow, hybrid
70. *Mrs Livingston Farrand [1seed] CM double pink
71. Maurice Ménard Seedling [6seeds] ML, BM single cream/pink, hybrid
72. Adrienne Clarkson [6seeds] BM, BHN single cream, hybrid
73. *Dainty [6seeds] TH single pink
74. Archangel [5seeds] BW single white, hybrid
75. *Garden Lace [4seeds] BW, BHN Japanese pale pink, hybrid
76. Moonrise [6seeds] BW single creamy yellow, hybrid
77. White Wings [6seeds] HP single white
78. Nymphe ?? [6seeds] HP single pale pink
79. Pink Vanguard [6seeds] BW, RJ semi-double pink, hybrid
80. Pride of Blasdell [8seeds] TH, MTh Japanese dark rose
81. Krinkled White [6 seeds] BHN, BM, RP, AJ, CM single white
82. *Golden Wings [2seeds] BW, RJ single beige-yellow, hybrid
83. Pillow Cases [6seeds] AJ single pink
84. White Cap [5seeds] AJ Japanese dark pink
85. Martha W [8seeds] BW single pink
86. *Dawn Pink [6seeds] AJ, BM single pink
87. *Pageant [5seeds] BW single pink, hybrid
88. Chiffon Clouds [5seeds] AJ single pale pink
89. Le Jour [6seeds] BHN single white
90. *Topeka Garnet [4seeds] BHN single dark red
91. *Mary Pratte [3seeds] BHN single pink, hybrid
92. Golden Frolic [6seeds] BHN single pink
93. *Pink Princess [4seeds] BHN single light pink
94. Carrara [6seeds] BHN, MTh Japanese white
95. *Blushing Princess [3seeds] BHN, BW semi-double light pink, hybrid
96. Gratis [6seeds] BHN single black-red
97. *Monsieur Martin Cahuzac [4seeds] BHN double red
98. *Chalice [1seed] BHN single white, hybrid
99. *Lemon Chiffon [3seeds] BW, BHN semi-double lemon yellow, hybrid
100. Cincinnati [6seeds] BHN double pink
101. *Pink Pom Pom [1seed] BHN double Bright pink
102. *Salmon Dream [2seeds] BHN semi-double salmon, hybrid
103. Salmon Chiffon [2seeds] BHN single salmon, hybrid
104. Sparkling Star [6seeds] BHN single pink
105. *Sugar n’ Spice [1seed] BHN single pink, hybrid
106. *Donna Jean [1seeds] BHN Japanese pink
107. *George Vorauer [4seeds] BHN single red
108. Kickapoo [6seeds] BHN single red
109. *Catherine Louise [1seed] BHN single white, hybrid
110. *Barrington Belle [2seeds] BHN Japanese red
111. Clown [6seeds] BHN single pink
112. Gay Paree [8seeds] BW, MTh Japanese magenta
113. *Fox Trot [2seeds] BHN single magenta
114. Irene May Gilbert [6seeds] BHN, MTh single pink
115. *Scarlet Tanager [2seeds] BHN single red, hybrid
116. Garden Glory [6seeds] BHN double red
117. *Top Hat [3seeds] BHN Japanese red
118. *Cream Delight [1seed] BHN single cream, hybrid
119. *Valentine [2seeds] BHN semi-double red, hybrid
120. *Glenny Carlene [3seeds] BHN Japanese light pink, hybrid
121. *Bu Te [4seeds] RP Japanese white
122. *Fiery Crater [3seeds] RP single dark red
123. *White Cap [3seeds] RP Japanese red
124. *Exotic [3seeds] RP semi-double pink
125. Star Dust [8seeds] RP single white
126. *Immaculée [3seeds] BM Japanese white
127. *Lotus Queen [4seeds] BM Japanese white
128. *Fancy Nancy [5seeds] BM Japanese pink
129. *Gold Standard [5seeds] BM Japanese white
130. The Nathans [8seeds] BM, MTh double pink
131. *Emperor of India [2seeds] BM Japanese red
132. *Jan Van Leeuwen [5seeds] BM Japanese white
133. Seashell [8seeds] BM, MTh single pale pink
134. *Reverend H.N.Tragitt [2seeds] BM double white
135. *Arcturus [3seeds] BW single red
136. *Picotee [3seeds] BW single pale pink, hybrid
137. *Gertrude Allen [4seeds] BW Japanese white
138. *Fantasia [1seed] BW, BM single pale pink
139. Isani Gidui [8seeds] MT Japanese white
140. China mix [8seeds] MT single pink
141. Amabilis Seedling [8seeds] MT double rose pink
142. *Yu He Hua [4seeds] MT double pink bi-colour
143. Gao Gan Hong [6seeds] MT double red
144. *Yan Zhi Dian Yu [3seeds] MT double white
145. Chen Xi [6seeds] MT double white
146. Zi Yan Fei Shuang [6seeds] MT double red
147. Zi Feng Yu [5seeds] MT Japanese purple
148. Dan Feng [6seeds] MT double pink
149. *Qi Hua Lu Shuang [3seeds] MSt Japanese rose
150. Cora Stubbs [4seeds] MSt Japanese pink
151. Butterbowl [5seeds] MTh Japanese pink
152. Betty Warner [6seeds] MTh Japanese red
153. Westerner [6seeds] MTh Japanese pink
154. *Mount Palomar [4seeds] MTh Japanese red
155. Kaw Valley [6seeds] MTh double dark red
156. *Milton Jack [4seeds] MTh double rose-red
157. *Friendship [2seeds] MTh single pink
158. *Primevère [3seeds] MTh Japanese blush-white
159. *Nick Shaylor [4seeds] MTh double white
160. *Charles Burgess [3seeds] MTh Japanese red

The following are controlled crosses from Reiner Jakubowski's breeding program. The descriptions are a best guess what to expect from the seeds.

161. #1326 ‘Garden Glory’ x ‘Scarlet Tanager’ [6seeds] RJ double red, hybrid
162. *#1341 Seedling 2002-69A (‘Mollis’ x JS seedling) open pollinated [3seeds] RJ single pink, hybrid
163. *#1339 Seedling 312-02 (‘Golden Wings’ x ‘Sunny Girl’) open pollinated [3seeds] RJ single pink, hybrid
164. *#1342 Seedling 806-03 (‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’) open pollinated [4seeds] RJ double yellow, hybrid
165. *#1343 Seedling 806-08 (‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’) open pollinated [4seeds] RJ double yellow, hybrid
166. *#1344 Seedling 806-04 (‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’) open pollinated [2seeds] RJ single yellow

Good Luck with your selections. Please remember to include alternatives or I will have to surprise you!

Please Note.  Shipment is normally by order of arrival (your letter with payment), however for the first 10 days from release of this newsletter, I will hold all shipments and select by lottery where required. This will provide fairness to those who receive the newsletter by mail.

If you have any questions, simply email