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The 2013/2014 Seed Sale is now closed. Our Seed List for the 2014/2015 season will be posted here in mid-February 2015, concurrent with the mailing of the February Newsletter.

At that time seed may be purchased by non-members as well as by members of the CPS, with priority given to members.


The CPS Seed Exchange is keenly interested in seed from members' common and uncommon peonies, so we hope that before you dead-head your plants you'll consider letting a few go to seed.
Collecting Seed: Seed pods (carpels) should usually be left on the plant to ripen at least to the point where the pod starts to split. At that point it can either be left on the plant until the pod opens completely, or the stems can be cut with a bit of leaf attached and set in a jar of water set in a tray. The tray should be wide enough to catch any seed falling from the carpels.
People prefer to know the name of the plant from which the seed is collected, so if possible please keep track of this information. If you don't know the name of the plant a brief description is always useful. Of course there is always some lesser interest in seed of mixed or unknown origin.
When the carpels are nearly fully open, collect the seed. Set it in an open paper (not plastic) container (envelope or small bag) to dry for a week or so; if you don't do this the seed may get moldy when it gets wrapped for mailing.
Finally, put the seeds into small labeled envelopes, which may now be sealed, and if possible wrap the bundle of envelopes you will be sending to the seed exchange in some kind of bubble wrap before placing them in a mailing envelope.
Send them along to:

Canadian Peony Society Seeds
c/o Bill Wegman
5441 Hilltop Dr.
Manotick, Ontario
Canada K4M 1G6

To receive a confirmation that we have received your seeds, please include your email address.

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